Tyser Tower Suites

Suite Representative

The identified Suite Representative is the person authorized to place orders, invoice, talk with the Suite Attendants, share necessary information with guests, and tell us about any special arrangements for your suite. We will inform the Suite Representative about special events and menus. Any questions for us should come through the Suite Representative.

How to Order

In order to meet all of your food and beverage requirements, your order should be placed in advance. Orders placed in advance allow for a greater selection for you and your guests.

Advance Order Deadlines:
For Saturday games – by Tuesday at 11:00 pm

Please place your advance order online through our web-based ordering system  (http://suites.umd.edu). Log in to place orders and access previous and future game orders. Any questions or problems with your order can be directed to the Terptations at Tyser Tower Office by email: terptations@umd.edu.

Delivery and Service

Food will be delivered throughout the game at the times you specify when you place your order. If you do not specify a time, your food will be delivered approximately 60 minutes before game time. Suite attendants will be stationed outside of your suite throughout the game to ensure that everything is delivered and that any additional needs are met.

Game Day Orders

A Suite Attendant will be standing by to receive game day orders. Game day orders are supplements to advance orders and the menu is limited to those items easily prepared and served during the event. Allow 45 minutes for delivery. Food or beverages ordered during the event require either credit card payment at the time of order or a pre-authorized card on file.

Payment Arrangements

Suite Holders will be asked to have a credit card number or University KFS number on file with the Terptations at Tyser Tower Office. Invoices must be paid prior to the event. KFS invoices will be billed after the event. Game day orders are payable at the time the order is placed.

Credit cards acceptable for payment:
American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa

Service Charge and Sales Tax

Food and non-alcoholic beverages are subject to 6% sales tax. Alcoholic beverages are subject to 9% sales tax. A 15% service charge will be added.

Cancellation Policy

In the event you need to cancel an order, please do so at least two business days before the event. Due to costs incurred, orders cancelled less than two business days before the event will be charged at 50% of the invoice price.

Food and Beverage Service

University of Maryland policy requires that Suite Holders and guests use Terptations at Tyser Tower for food and beverage service in the suite. Food and beverages purchased elsewhere in Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium are not permitted in Tyser Tower, and food or beverages served in Tyser Tower may not be removed from Tyser Tower. Any food and/or beverages brought into Tyser Tower are subject to confiscation.

Alcohol Service

The University of Maryland Athletics Council has developed the following policies for the safe service of alcoholic beverages in Tyser Tower:

Alcoholic beverages may be obtained through Terptations at Tyser Tower and cannot be otherwise brought into or removed from Tyser Tower. Any alcoholic beverages brought into Tyser Tower are subject to confiscation.

Alcohol can be ordered only if food is also ordered for the suite. No suite will be sold alcohol without a food purchase for that game.

All alcohol will be kept in a locked cabinet or refrigerator until the Suite Representative contacts the Suite Attendant who will unlock it. Orders for alcohol can be placed until the end of the third quarter. Alcohol may not be removed from the suites at the conclusion of the game.

Alcohol must be poured into cups provided in the suite and may not at any time be consumed from cans or bottles.

The minimum drinking age in the state of Maryland is 21 years of age. Each Suite Holder is responsible for monitoring and controlling the service and consumption of alcohol within his/her Suite. The University’s alcohol beverage control officers and the suite attendants are authorized to enter the suite to check identification and monitor alcohol consumption.

The University of Maryland assumes no responsibility for the service, possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in the suite. Underage drinking and the possession or use of alcohol in any manner contrary to law is prohibited. These rules and regulations apply to Suite Holders and occupants of the suite regardless of whether the Suite Holder is present in the suite.